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Packaging in glass bottles has three key benefits:

1. Milk tastes better when it is bottled in glass. Cardboard and plastic containers transfer flavors to the milk, distorting its natural taste. With glass bottles you only taste the natural flavor of the milk, not the container.

2. Glass bottles are a great insulator. Nothing is better than an ice-cold glass of milk. Our bottles keep milk colder, which makes it last longer, too.

3. Glass bottles are recyclable and refillable! We collect, wash and refill our glass bottles - saving thousands of plastic jugs from entering landfills.


When you purchase Hildebrand milk you pay a $2.75 deposit on the glass bottle in addition to the cost of the milk. Once the bottle is empty: rinse thoroughly, recycle the cap and take the bottle back to any store that sells Hildebrand Farms Dairy products. You may swap the bottle for another or return it to receive your deposit back. Most retail locations accept the bottles at the register.